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What clients say about us...
  • Great flavor. Pairs well with pretty much anything! My new favorite sauce. 

    - Randy B - Gardena, CA -

  • This place has Amazing tacos!!!. Great flavor, perfect light tortillas and their prices are so affordable. Not to mention their delicious salsa. The red is my favorite. A lot places you ask for spicy and it's barely mild. This one definitely has a kick and still has amazing flavor. Thank you so much we will definitely be back!

    - Daniel K- Santa Ana, CA -

  • https://www.instagram.com/p/Cnu4O6YSDsa/

    - @thetacoslayers - Wildomar, CA -

  • Oh that Red Salsa.... Make me drool just thinking about it. I am a sauce person down to the core, and this really hit the spot. Great balance of heat, smokiness, and citrus.

    - Trina D- Orange County, CA -

  • Hard-shell tacos with 15k Flava. They go delicious together!!!!!

    - Linh Freddy - Fort Pierce, FL -

  • We saw really good reviews for this place so we decided to try it. So glad that we did!. The food was really good and the red sauce was awesome!. We will be back!

    - Jordan M- Fountain Valley, CA -

  • I passed this place nearly everyday and didn't know it existed until quarantine. Their salsa/red sauce is too good. I put it on everything: the tacos, the nachos, the tortas. I  even drank it straight from the cub. Too good.

    - Antonio M- Westminster, CA -

  • Mix 15k flava and A1 sauce for steak! I love how it came out.

    - Mary Lee - Pasadena, CA -

  • I really enjoyed the flavor of this sauce. Put it down on almost every fastfood I had lately and it was bomb. Wish you can make it spicier.

    - Jack Travis -Santa Rosa, CA -

  • Okay, disclaimer i'am not an expert when it comes to Mexican food but i am sucker for good sauce on tacos. Most places have really watered down salsa that does not do anything for the flavor of the meat but this place is not one of those places. My mouth is literally watering thinking about their spicy red sauce and al pastor tacos. The tacos have good flavor on their own but for those of you who like really spicy food you HAVE to try their red sauce!. Everything that i have ordered has been really good so i don't really think you can go wrong here!

    - Marcus G- Garden Grove, CA -